48 Hours in Germany

By , August 30, 2004 00:00

News? Shmooz? One month after we’ve moved into the new house and I can’t really say that it’s even started. We did manage to paint most of the downstairs three times now (the first color didn’t quite work and then we needed two more for correction), but that is as far as we’ve gotten. The living room set and bedroom set hopefully won’t be too far behind, but neither have we found the right one that jumps out at us. Oh well … give us some time here. On the other hand, we’ve been picking up all kinds of things from ladders, to lawn mowers, to BBQ grills and Home Depot has been a second home for us. Dad and Mom were here this last weekend and we got another baby gift – a baby runner stroller. Our nursery isn’t even near completed, but the closet is slowly accumulating things at a rate equal to Heidi’s stomach. 🙂 I get to feel the baby kicking and rolling and moving and it is completely awesome. However, ask Heidi the same question in the middle of the night and her response is bound to be different.

Germany! Did I mention that I was in Hamburg, Germany last week? It was only for two quick days, but it was more than a little fascinating to wander around and take in the city. Although the city was largely destroyed back in WW2, the architecture has been mostly recreated and gives the old European feeling. If you ever make it over there, the one food you HAVE to eat is their cherry tomatos. They were truly incredible!! Smile all!

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