Diving Myrtle Beach

By , June 19, 2006 00:00

New pictures …

So it’s finally stopped raining here in Hudson, and the mercury has skyrocketed. I find it unbearable when it’s up over 90 (last two days), but I can only imagine what it must be like for Heidi who gets to carry around number two. I think it’s officially time for the beach and some cold water. Does the following equation make sense?

Pregnancy + Hot Weather + AC = $$$

Speaking of cold water, I haven’t had any opportunities to be diving here in the last few weeks because of the poor weather, but I had one beautiful dive down in Myrtle beach and saw some tiger sharks and some simply huge barracuda on a civil war era wreck. The barracuda were one of the most spectacular fish I’ve ever been able to dive with. Wow!

Eight more weeks … 🙂

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