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By , May 30, 2008 18:23

Empty BeachesThree weeks ago I was in Orlando and went to a seafood restaurant that has been consistently rated in the Top 10 of America.  I had a piece of Chilean Sea Bass that indeed was delicious …

However, I might have to rethink my recommendations now when it comes to seafood restaurants.  There continues to be no doubt in my mind that the best fish chowder in North America is sold in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant down in Gloucester, MA.  I’ve been there half a dozen times and each time I go, the bread and the chowder just keeps getting better and better.  It’s not my fault that people coming through Hudson, NH only stay long enough to say "hello" and keep on moving.  Stay here for three or four days and we’ll swing down to the Causeway Restaurant.

This brings us the dilemma of fish.  A few weeks ago I would have said that the best piece of fish I had was down in Orlando, but now I’m not so sure.  You see, we stopped at Howard’s Pub on Ocracoke Island and I ordered the local grilled tuna sandwich.  Costing almost one tenth of what it cost in Orlando, it was certainly the best piece of tuna I’ve ever eaten, and might even have surpassed the sea bass for flavor.  Tough call on that one.  When you factor in the cost, it takes the award hands down.

This leads us now to beaches.  For 2007, the beach on Ocracoke Island won the award for the number one beach in America, and that included Florida, California and Hawaii.  Going there, I have to say I understand why.  It’s not going to get any awards for crowds or things to do, but amazing white sand for miles, combined with not a soul in sight, was truly amazing.  The weather hovered in the mid to high 70s, the water was in the 70-71 range, and no one around …

Top Ten Indeed.  Anyone want to join us next time?  Smile!  🙂

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    Wow, you’re really keeping up your site now. Lotsa interesting stuff, from ticks to sharks!

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