Free Time

By , June 25, 2000 10:23


When I was five or six years old, I started playing soccer in a town league in Woodbridge. At that age, there were no stars, just dozens of little bodies bunched around a tiny soccer ball following it wherever one little foot was able to kick it. If any of you have seen this phenomenon, it’s quite amusing. My brother was the first to play soccer and my sister finally joined the two of us a few years later. We played in the fall and spring. I loved playing in the fall because all around the edges of the fields were trees with leaves dressed in autumn colors. I have been playing soccer ever since and enjoy the sport immensely.

Other Sports

I love playing almost any sport, although I am not sure how coordinated I am with sports that require using your hands. I guess that comes from too much soccer where you use mostly your feet. Oddly enough, I like to play tennis and ping-pong, and I have just started learning how to play squash.


This leads me to admit however, much to the chagrin of Danny, that I am not a fan of skiing. If you have been with me at any one of the three times I have tried, you know what a disaster I am, but one of these days, I will get up the courage and let Danny teach me how to either snowboard or ski. I’m leaving the choice up to him!


The only other thing I am good at and love to do is read. So if you have any books to recommend or are looking to lend one to somebody, I’m right here. Danny has introduced me to the author Bodie Thoene, and I’ve read the Zion Chronicles and Zion Covenants written by her. I also enjoy reading Francine Rivers’ work. And just because there is still a little kid buried in me somewhere, I love to read the series written by Barbara Parks about a mischievous goofball named Junie B. Jones.

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