No More Boxes

By , September 11, 2000 00:00

So I guess you could say that I’m getting a little travelling done. I just got back last night from the Scranton conference in Pennsylvania. I don’t think there’s many people who could be disappearing on weekends quite like myself. Anyway, Teddy, Mats and I all drove down on Friday after work and had a good time, if only for two short days. The reading was on Luke 22:22-30 and how we needed to humble ourselves because of the One who walks among us. In fact, the subject of humility and our failure tended to be the theme of the conference brought out very nicely in contrast with the One who is everything. I also got to see my older brother and his wife who are headed down today to Florida. Although I was just down there, it’s always nice to visit. Oh yes, I’m now moved into the new house (did I mention that before) and most of my things are slowly finding their way out of the boxes. Smile all.

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