My Family

As I’ve mentioned before, for undisclosed reasons, I believe I am adopted. Although I’m probably not really (am I Mom?), I would still like to think that I am nothing like my brother and sister. They are the craziest siblings who like to sing about everything from what they are having for dinner to what they are wearing. (Don’t ask.)

Nathan Andrew

My brother, the oldest, Nathan Andrew, is a very cool dude. He’s smart (usually), has a great sense of humor, enjoys playing hockey above all sports, and loves to play his instruments. I can’t get more specific on what instruments he likes to play because that would involve anything that he’s holding in his hands at any given moment. If you know Nathan, you know he loves to make noise. We were in his band with our cousins when we were about six to eight years old. Sadly though, all the members have dispersed and it is not known if we will ever get back together for a farewell tour.

Jennifer Rae

My younger sister, Jennifer Rae, is the best sister I could have ever asked for. She was the typical younger sister; she got blamed for everything. That would be my fault. Oops. But let’s not dwell on the past. Jen (NOT Jenny) is beautiful, fresh, extremely witty, loves to play hockey and soccer, has an awesome singing voice and can beat me up at any given time. She is my punk, so I would advise you to watch out and if she gives you “the look”, you better run. Jen is all grown up now though, literally. She’s not really my little sister anymore. She’ll be graduating from high school this June and then the world will be introduced to her. Look out world!!


My dad, Henry Allen, is the oldest of six and grew up in New Jersey. His family picked up and moved to Canada when he was just going into high school. So I guess I should be thankful that we only moved to Maine and not that strange country north of us. Dad’s love for music and sports is probably what got all of us so involved in the band, orchestra and soccer. I remember playing soccer and badminton with him in our backyard on 611 Bamford Avenue. He also taught us how to play tennis. We would often be found playing our instruments downstairs in the family room together too. This time though, Nathan actually had an actual instrument in his actual hands. :o) One memory that has stuck in my mind is when I had a really bad case of mononucleosis in sixth grade, I recall Dad coming home from work with a bouquet of pink roses (which was never a common practice for him) and a stuffed koala bear for me. Thanks Dad. I still have the bear.


My mom, Una Mae Marie, was the youngest out of five children. She grew up in the most beautiful location I can think of: East Pennant, Nova Scotia. Don’t get me wrong and think that I actually am admitting to liking Canada, I just love going to my grandparents’ home there. Mom graduated from high school and decided that she wanted to help people. She went away to nursing school and got her RN diploma. Because my mom is a nurse, she always knew how to take care of us properly when we were sick, “Get up, you’re going to school.” Well, okay, it wasn’t quite like that. Mom would tuck us into bed, make sure we had a mug full of something to drink, and there was always a bell that we got to ring when we needed her. She was also a very good cook and never minded making meals for lots of company. I only hope that I can cook half as good as she does and be so confident when company comes.

Well, that’s pretty much my family in a nutshell. I guess I should clarify something though before you leave thinking that I want to disown my family. I realize that I said I hoped I wasn’t like my brother or sister. I didn’t actually mean that. I wish that I had Nathan’s brains and Jen’s wit. Add those my uncanny ability to trip on blades of grass and run into fire hydrants and I’d really be a force to be reckoned with!! 🙂