I hesitate to call this section employment, let alone something so reprehensible as work. So instead we’ll call it papers, burgers and servers. My first true job was probably delivering the afternoon papers for the Evening News in Stellarton where I grew up. Back then it seems so strange to think how wonderful a tip of a quarter or a dime was, but it would always mean a trip to the store for a slush or some chips so I could collect wrestling stickers.

Then from delivering papers, I went to shredding paper at Sobeys, and then to my favorite job of all time – McDonald’s. Even now, if you asked me what I wanted to do if I ever grow up, it would be to be back running for DT (drive-thru) on the East River rd. There is no way that I can possibly even begin to explain what fun that was. Someday I would love to own my own store, but at a millino dollars for startup, I doubt that will ever happen. Instead, I can only think back to the hot summer days and winter snow storms when I got paid for something that was so fun and so awesome, that I would come home and talk about it with my brother until all hours of the night. If you would like to read a story of one of the more entertaining moments beneath the golden arches, I’ve included that for you. But even still, it will never fully explain what it was like to work for the number one ranked McDonald’s in all of North America.

For better or for worse, I moved on from managing a McDonald’s store, to working at a computer Help Desk, to being a Consulting Analyst, to web master, and then working in different capacities for Watchfire Corporation, eventually with the designation of Director, Security Research. In the summer of 2007, Watchfire was acquired by IBM Rational, where I now find myself two years later. It’s been an interesting journey and I very much enjoy the job. It’s fun. It’s dynamic. I get to travel a lot … and I’m thankful the Lord has given this to me. You can check my current profile on Linked In.

What next? Who knows. But I know that regardless, all things work together for good.