My scholastic endeavours began in Mrs. Evan’s class of G. R. Saunders Elementary school and continued through Stellarton Junior High School. Graduation day came for me from Stellarton High School in June of ’94 when I said good-bye to my class of thirteen years and entered the less personable world of University. After receiving this graduation certificate, I continued my education at Dalhousie University for one year in a Bachelor of Science degree.

At this point, I was unsure of the direction of my life do, so I took one year off and worked at McDonald’s Restaurant full time as a Salary Manager.

Whether or not I have finished my education, is still a matter for discussion, but I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Information Systems at Carleton University. Now it remains open as to whether a Master’s is next in Business Administration, or whether I will simply work on various security certifications.