Brush Strokes

By , September 25, 2000 00:00

Another Monday morning! Another reason to smile … for health, and for strength, and for the fresh air to breathe. On Saturday night, I was down in Montreal for supper and to wander around Old Port Montreal and look at the fascinating paintings and art galleries. There were so many interesting paintings that I would have loved to take home with me, but the cost was outrageous. I find that the most phenominal paintings are the ones which attempt an emulation of nature, but can’t quite do it justice. And of course, this is the way it would be … No one could possibly match the brush strokes which God uses in Creation. The colors and textures can only be copied, never matched. Autumn is the most beautiful time of year, when blankets and goose down duvets are brought out. Time to sit around the fire, sip hot chocolate, go for romps in the woods and out to Black Point. It also sometimes brings painful dreams. Saturday night. But I’m still thankful – and smiling.

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