Boston Pops

By , July 7, 2003 00:00

So this weekend was just a little busy. Coralie and Harry and family dropped in on Thursday night and stayed right through the weekend. It was a lot of fun having the kids running around our house and we did a lot together. We ended up going to the pool, beach and even downtown on Friday for the July Fourth thing. It was really neat being down on the Esplanade and watching the Boston Pops do their thing, followed by one of the most spectacular displays of fireworks I’ve ever witnessed. According to the announcements, there was around 600,000 people packed into those few square miles so you can imagine how packed it was and how much fun it was dashing back to the train for the reverse ride. 🙂 No, it was. Really! Remind me that the beaches in New Hampshire are every bit as good as the beaches in Rhode Island for next time I want to be adventuresome. Oh yes, Shawn & Lynn and family came through as well so that made for a fun picnic lunch. No house success yet. Smile. 🙂

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