Providence Point

By , July 28, 2003 00:00

Last week was spent up at Providence Point with most of the family. (See pictures in the photo album.) It was an absolutely wonderful and relaxing way to spend the week and I definitely think it should become an annual event. I can’t say that we did all that much, but just sitting around talking, swimming, and playing was the very break that I needed from work. The purpose of the week was to celebrate Dad’s retirement, but it was every ounce a vacation for everyone that went. Heidi and I also were able to spend the weekend on both ends of the week in Ottawa. We didn’t make it out to all our old haunts, but we did make it to Denny’s and Kelsey’s – two of our favorite restaurants up there. Seven hours really isn’t that much and we’ll have to plan to make it back up more often. I’ve discovered that going through Syracuse is at least as fast, if not faster, than going up through Vermont from Boston. Smile all …

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