Weak Ankles

By , September 5, 2003 00:00

So I bet you are all wondering how many times "last week was spent up at Providence Point" with the Allan family. Unfortunately, we’ve been a little…or a lot slack in keeping everyone updated on what’s new in our lives. Much has happened since that week, it seems as though we don’t ever slow down.

We had an exciting adventure visiting Shawn and Lynn during the power outage on August 14th. Thankfully the power was restored Friday afternoon after we returned from a refreshing time at the beach. It was a fun-filled time (especially after the power came on) with trips to the beach, games of Rook, tennis and catch, and hours of chatting.
A not-so-exciting event was when Danny sprained his foot trying a rail slide at the local skateboard park. It has finally healed now and he’s looking forward to getting back on the ramps (am I using the correct terminology??) again.

We are still looking for a house, but it seems as though there is nothing out there that fits our criteria. With all our trips, it is hard to catch all the new houses that are put on the market because they get snatched up so quickly. But I know our Lord is overall and He will give us the appropriate house when He sees fit.

We are heading down to Scranton tonight for our second conference in a row. We were up in St. John last weekend and enjoyed the meetings very much. After Scranton we will be spending a few days up on Ottawa, so don’t expect another update too soon!!

But as Danny always says, don’t forget to…Smile! :o)

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