Camden Once More

By , October 13, 2003 00:00

More pictures there on the right. It’s been a while since I’ve added some new ones, but we spent the weekend up in Newport at Mom Roach’s new house. While I don’t have much good to say about the hour and ten minutes it took us to drive about 20 miles on the way up, it was wonderful to spend the weekend relaxing and going back to where we were married. Saturday was absolutely awesome as we were able to meander through downtown Camden and go back to the Amphitheater. When we first arrived, there was a wedding party there already doing the picture thing. It’s too bad they were 15 months late for the “real” wedding. The rest of the time this weekend was spent relaxing, visiting Dad Roach (Happy Birthday to you), and playing games. Coming back to Boston this Monday, I made it in time for my second hockey game and my second consecutive time scoring a GOOOOAAAALLLL!! Woo hoo. Smile all.

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