Snow Snow Snow

By , December 8, 2003 00:00

For some reason, Nathan thinks that I really don’t update this site all the time. Can you imagine something so crazy as that? We all know that this is the first thing that we do on Monday morning. We wake up, brush our teeth, and update the website …

So Heidi and I have been travelling quite a bit in the last little while. We were down at the Dorothy conference one weekend back, and then drove from there to Ottawa. We were up in Ottawa all this week, simply relaxing and spending time to ourselves. (If you ask Heidi about this, she might say something about Stellarite, but hey, you read it here first … ) Anyway, we heard a huge snowstorm hitting Boston on Saturday, so we stayed an extra day in Ottawa and came home to our apartment yesterday. You should see it here! Snow. Snow. And more snow! Winter has really hit here so it’s a good thing the motorbike is winterized and we have our warm clothes out. There must be at least a foot and a half down on the ground. I’m not sure if it will stay or not, but I’m sure Heidi hopes it won’t, while I hope it will. Happy Birthday’s to both Teddy and Shawn and smiles to all else.

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