Sunburns in December

By , December 30, 2003 00:00

So we´re sitting here in an ice cream internet cafe, in Florianopolis, Brazil. I bet you didn´t think you´d get an update from here! We would upload pictures to the website, but there´s two problems with that: firstly I can´t upload pictures on a public computer, and secondly I haven´t taken any pictures yet! But I will, I promise. Now back to the beginning…

After a grueling twenty two hours of travel, Heidi and I landed to sunny warm weather here in Brazil. One might think we would be exhausted (and we were), but it was only lunch-time so we dropped our things at our apartment and headed to the beach (three blocks away) for sand, surf, and of course, a sun burn. The first three days were gorgeous and hot, and we´ve seen four different beaches by now. The surf is anywhere from non-existent to five feet high. We had a lot of fun at Joaquina (about four bus rides from here) with huge surf to play in and eighty foot high sand dunes to sandboard down. Yeah Heidi for making it from the top to the bottom without falling!! It´s slower than snowboarding, but just as much fun.

On Lord´s day we took a van into Florianopolis for Sunday School, Breaking of Bread, and Reading meeting. The meetings were in Portugese, but we had a translator so we could understand. It was fellowship dinner so everyone went to a lady´s house from the meeting. It was an all afternoon affair and everyone was very warm and friendly and tried English more than we tried Portugese. There are quite a few people from the meeting staying in this town all week, so we meet up with them most days for dinner or afternoon activities. Lotsa fun…

Tomorrow we hope to take a boat to another island for some exploring and snorkeling. Lots more to tell, but it will have to come later. Tonight, we´re going to grab an ice cream, head back to our apartment, and fall into bed with a smile on our face. Smile all.

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