A Skateboard!

By , June 30, 2003 00:00

I suppose the big change this week is that I’ve added a bunch of pictures from trips that Heidi and I have taken over the past year. I’ve also changed some of the back-end to allow me to add new categories and pictures quite easily. Hopefully, you will see a lot more picture updates than I have been doing. Hey! Guess what I got? A skateboard. I was out this week to the local park here in Waltham with a couple of ramps and a tonne of funboxes and various street stuff. This week, I hope to get over to Framingham which has a 12 foot vert ramp as well as a 6 foot “mini” that is 32 feet weide … Should be lots of fun. We’re continuing on our search for the house, but we haven’t found anything yet. Smile!

Parry Sound and Back

By , June 23, 2003 00:00

Has it ever been hectic? Since getting back from the bike trip, Heidi and I have had people over several times as well as going up to Maine to Jen’s graduation. This past weekend, we drove ten hours from Boston up to Parry Sound and enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing time up at Heather and Craig’s cottage. I heard it rained all weekend here in Boston, but we were able to just sit out on the dock and soak up the sun as well as waterskiing and swimming at the cottage. Ten hours is a long way to go for the weekend, but it was definitely worth the drive and I would do it again. Check back next week to see the new functionality I’m working on. It will allow me to easily upload the pictures from all these events so that you can “see” what is actually happening … Smile.

Safely Home

By , June 9, 2003 00:00

As I missed a week there, I suppose I should let everyone know that we did make it home safely from our Blue Ridge Parkway trip. I could go on and on about how awesome the roads were, but suffice to say that I have driven my motorbike from coast to coast and I have never driven on roads this good. One of the incredible things is that there are hundreds of miles of twisties with as many as 318 turns in 11 miles. Do the math on that one for a moment. The trip chewed my back tire down to one bald slick and now I have to get that in for a replacement some time. This past weekend, Heidi and I were up in Maine at Jen’s graduation. Woo hoo Jen. Congratulations!!

Sweet Turns

By , May 27, 2003 00:00

Wow! I never thought that Rt 299 or the Bear Tooth Pass from Dan’s and my trip out west in 1999 would ever be topped, but I do believe that the last two days have topped all other roads I’ve ever driven. Heidi and I started out from Washington on Lord’s Day with five others and headed out towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. Four of us are on bikes while Heidi, Melita and Candace are in the car … and boy, are we thankful for the car. Lord’s Day was beautiful and we made it down to Buena Vista. Setting up camp was fine, and because most of us were up that day at six or seven, we turned in early. By three o’clock in the morning, it started pouring … and I mean pouring. Mats’ $40 tent that Melita and Candace were in, was only worth that – $40. It was about as effective as a garbage bag. With soaking wet sleeping bags and clothes, they finally headed for the car at 05:00. By the time we got up at 09:00, the sun was out again. Yesterday should have been a good day, but 60 miles down the road in Roanoke, we stopped to throw everything in the dryer at a laundromat. Reg’s bike took this time to decide to quit (fixed by evening) and we ended up camping last night on Roanoke mountain. It was a wonderful night to cook over the fire and we sang and read and played Rook till 23:00. Guess what? Sometime around 03:00 in the morning, the heavens opened … It poured like I have not seen it pour in a long time. It was still raining when we finally packed up at noon today, and we headed out on the road in full rain gear. About two hours down the road, the skies cleared and the roads dried and we encountered the best roads I have ever rode on. Wow! The scenery? Wow! Definitely enough to make one smile. And so here I sit at the Council’s … tired, and ready to hit the bed. But with roads like this, methinks the smiles are still going to plastered on.

Three Cubed

By , May 20, 2003 00:00

One day late here, but we were down in Nova Scotia at the Stellarton conference and I can beg off on the fact that yesterday was a holiday. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect conference weather with hot sunny days every day. Monday was beautiful for the picnic and I even got a deep tan (if not a burn). The meetings were excellant and I especially enjoyed the first reading meeting on Genesis 22 which took up the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, it is always good to be home in Nova Scotia, if only for a short and hectic three day weekend. The visits were short and the time was shorter, but at least I was able to be there once more. This is the first year that I didn’t go out with the YP, but I got to stay home instead and with Mark & Lindsay and Ted & Julie there, this was neat instead. I also got to have a cake with 27 candles on it … wonder why that was. Smile.