Expenses to Follow

By , August 2, 2004 00:00

I really should upload some pictures, but I’m not at home at the moment and if I don’t update now, I fear it shall be some time before I get around to this. I know it has been a while since there has been an update, but there has been much going on. Heidi and I were up in Toronto one week back relaxing at the cottage and generally enjoying some sunshine before the hectic pace of this weekend. It was wonderful to visit and to see little Jenna Barbara. Have you heard? She’s not really a baby, she’s the perfect never-cry child.

So there is other big news as well. On Friday of last week, Heidi and I moved into the new house that the Lord provided for us. We were very thankful for help from Mom Roach, Andrew, Sam, Nathan and Jen. While I can’t say that I miss our old apartment, it was a little sad seeing it so empty. OK. So that sad feeling only lasted seconds as we were finally able to move into our own home and do jumping jacks and cartwheels in every room. Woo hoo! The neighbors seem exceptionally friendly, and at least four different families have already come by (in two days) to welcome us to the neighborhood and ask if we need everything.

Now come the days of expenses and bills as we start to fill the house with things which we’ve been putting off for two years. Things like the fridge and lawn mowers really need to be towards the top of the list. Pictures to come … Smile!

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