By , September 6, 2004 00:00

Rain! And lots of it. Mats, Reg and I are stuck at the moment in Roanoke, bringing back many memories of the bike trip from last year. This morning, Reg had several problems which led us to spending the night here rather than down in Jefferson and 120 miles further along the parkway as planned. The rain is supposed to continue through the week, so I’m not sure that things will transition to the nice beautiful week we had hoped for, but its still good to do some driving. Unfortunately, Heidi was not able to make the trip this year, but she was down in Woodbridge this weekend with me and is now spending a week of “sister-time” with Jen. You might think things are slowing down (and I’m sure they will), but for now, it’s all systems GO. Speaking of systems going, the little baby in Heidi is rolling and tumbling and twisting and turning more and more every day. It is very awesome. The doctor says it’s going to be big, so hopefully it won’t be coming late. Congratulations to Ted and Julie who are happy new parents this week. Smile!

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