Travel Nightmare

By , January 16, 2006 00:00

Did you know there is an inverse relationship between the outdoor temperature and the amount of time I spend on travel sites looking for trips to somewhere warm? Brrrr.

Heidi and I spent some time up in the White Mountains and in Maine over the Christmas holidays, but I find myself still searching for some vacation. It seems crazy when I had more than two weeks off in a row, but for some reason I need to travel for it to feel like a holiday. And not work travel …

This month finds me in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, Ontario and DC. It’s too much … and I know that Heidi would agree. Thankfully, it will be changing next month, but it still seems like a lot to make it through in the interim.

Thanks to Ted and Julie who made the effort to come up and visit us this weekend. You know, there used to be a time when I could beat my little brother in ping-pong. 🙂 Perhaps I need to spend more time with the robot. In the plus category, they just got a new table at work so maybe I’ll be getting more practice in the months to come. Watch out!

Smile! 🙂

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