Resolute Bay?

By , May 12, 2006 00:00

Wow! So if I was under the assumption that no one read this website before, I hold no such illusions now. Apparently there is some wild rumour going around that Heidi and I are moving to Resolute Bay. Not only that, but we’ve traded our house (fully furnished), for a one room igloo with a diameter of 21.7 feet. Any takers??

Boy. I guess this website will have to be a joke-free zone. Apparently my sense of humour either does not ring any bells, or it falls horribly short. Within 24 hours of the previous post, we were contacted by no less than 4 people to exclaim at our future plans.

Future plans? The plans are not to mow the lawn in April. I was complaining (tongue-in-cheek) about having to mow the lawn in April. My solution for this indignity, was moving up north. No. Heidi, Jake and I are NOT moving to Resolute Bay. We apologize for any such confusion.

In other news, we have the three baby cribs all lined up in the new nursery. 🙂 Any takers?

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