By , May 1, 2006 00:00

Little pudges has taken to imitating everything we do. We put our head in our hands. He puts his head in his hands. We walk with our hands behind our back. Likewise. We sit down with a sigh. So does he. While it’s lots of fun, it means that his parents need to be more than a little bit careful.

Last week, he helped his Grandma Roach at the yard sale. While it might not seem like a little guy can help out all that much, he followed everyone around (keeping the shoplifting to a minimum) and was the official greeter. I’m pretty sure we have a future McDonald’s host on our hands!!

In other news, it’s official. Heidi and I are moving to Resolute Bay up in Nunavut. While the chill might seem like a little much, at least I won’t have to be out mowing my lawn in April. April! I’m sure there’s something about that in the Constitution. 🙂

More Complaints

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“Well the updates were good for about two weeks. Then two weeks passed. And if I knew who my hero was (the person who complained you don’t update enough) then I would ask them to file another complaint. However I guess I have file my own now. How in the world am I supposed to know how my big brother and sister in-law are doing? As well as that adorable kid I love to bits? haha Danny update! Although I must say. Your last update although short was amusing cause I get a kick out of people who forget shreddies. pleeeeease update with a cherry on top? And if you hate cherries then I’ll send down andres pizza. And I think it was Heidi who loved ice-cream so i’d send her yummy yummy ice cream. but that means you have to update every week for an entire year.”

– Another anonymous reader


By , April 17, 2006 00:00

Danny and Heidi drove to the frozen north.
Danny forgot his Shreddies.
Danny is a little bit sad.


By , April 10, 2006 00:00

“I would like to officially file a complaint. There is a web site that had been of interest. But of late, ……..bore……….. I have been checking faithfully for over a month and NO updates, NO pictures, NO anything! What’s with that!!?? If you see the administrators of this web site, could you find out when I can expect an update and some new pictures of Jake. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.”

It seems as though some of our readers are upset about the time periods in between each update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. It is not our intention to keep you in suspense of our lives, or to hold back pictures of our growing boy or our adventures. If you are still unsatisfied, feel free to call our complaint department between the hours of 12:00am and 12:01am. Oops, looks like you missed it for today! 🙂

There hasn’t been much exciting happening in our lives of late, so updates didn’t seem needed. Danny’s travel has slowed down considerably, basically to nothing, but work still keeps him busy. Jake is running all over the place, trying to talk but mostly sounding like a seagull! And the baby is now making its presence known to the outside world at 21 weeks.

The pictures should be pretty self-explanatory of our recent escapades. We had a truly marvelous time with Shawn and Lynn. Getting snowed in so our flight was delayed was great as we got to spend extra time with them. Now we have to go back when it’s not winter…which month is that?


Old News

By , February 23, 2006 00:00

Same old news. Read May 9, 2004.