Well if He won’t update … I shall …

By , November 28, 2007 09:43

Hi all,

For those who do not know me I am Danny’s wonderful and exciting sister-in-law, Lindsay.  I am married to Danny’s brother, Mark.  Heidi still has problems sleeping at night knowing she didn’t get the best Allan guy out there…that she had to settle for 2nd best was hard…no offence Shawn and Teddy…it is just that this is Danny’s webpage…I better keep him in the limelight. 

Now I have been after Danny to update his webpage since we all look at it a gazillion times a week to see what’s new and exciting in Danny and Heidi’s life.  But to no avail each week or day depending on how neurotic you are we would come away disappointed.  So I acted on behalf of you all to get the ball rollin’ again.  And in return the master of this site gave me access to scribble down a few thoughts. 

Since this is their webpage not mine I better update you on how they are doing…Danny travelled for work quite a bit in the early fall.  Not so much recently. He now says that Shawn has been travelling more than him.  They had turkey dinner in Ohio, Pittsburgh over the weekend, Israel and Nova Scotia today – you figure that one out.  They do lead very busy lives and all is forgiven for not updating…yeah right.

As for Mark and Lindsay in the west.  We are fine.  We are enjoying the nice balmy weather of -19 at the present moment with a good dump of snow to look out at.  Brynne and Sophia are starting skiing lessons through the Homeschool network of Edmonton in the new year.  They get 6 lessons, rentals, and lift tickets  all for 105 per person – that is cheap – well dirt cheap for skiing.   Zach is busy being cute and curious enduring his pricks and pokes so bravely, & Jordan is just a solid chunk of cuteness – we are so thankful.  Well I better stop there since this is beginning to sound like a bragging Christmas Card.  Love to you all.

Mark’s Lindsay



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  1. Julie says:

    Thank you, Lindsay for the latest update I have to admit that I am one of those neurotic ones that check the website often as this is 7:40am on November 29th… (I like to see their pictures) and since it is generally not updated it only takes a second of my time! SO back to Lindsay, I’m afraid you are mistaken on who the #1 Allan man is and while they all would come in at a close second to the first WE all know that #1 belongs to Teddy… I have 14+ Hadley’s to back me up on that.

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