Pictures, pictures, pictures!

By , December 18, 2007 17:58

I’m sure you’ve all been very happy with the most recent and more frequent updates showing up on this site and are wondering if we have gone insane or if someone else is doing the typing for us! Well, thanks to Lindsay, there was another new one not that long ago that helped fill everyone in on what we were up to. Now, besides us putting in more updates, we have also decided to upload more pictures for your enjoyment.! Isn’t this exciting? Are you all rubbing your eyes in disbelief? Don’t get too worked up; you never know when we’ll go "silent" again.  And this is not all pleasure for you; there is some work involved. Because we added three new albums all from different time periods inbetween what is already there, it bumped one of the new ones off the list. You’ll have to go looking for it on the Photo page.

Danny did an awesome job, as usual, giving you the play-by-play of their stay in Israel. I was in Nova Scotia with the boys, and while I can’t promise my visit was as exciting as Danny’s I did have a great time. Well, outside of Jake going through Terrible Threes and Isaac developing a major diaper rash that lasted the whole two weeks it was great. The best part about it was the surprise visit from Jen and Jason. It truly was a surprise (and minor heart attack) with a midnight knock on the window of the bedroom to announce their presence. But it was wonderful to see the newly married couple and be "home" again.

Enjoy those new pictures and smile all.

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