Short Update

By , December 1, 2007 11:37

Quick update only because it’s on the Blackberry. There’s no wireless access for my laptop here on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Coralie landed safely this morning at 5:30 and we picked her up around 6:00. Our whirlwind trip began at Caesarea, continued to Megiddo, up to Acco (a definite must for everyone), further north to Mt Hermon, and then down to the Sea of Galilee for the evening. Ask Coralie about a quick stop in an old Jewish cemetary. Great fun. Everyone is beat, but we’re all smiling. 🙂


By , November 30, 2007 10:35

CaesareaThis morning had me waking up in Jerusalem and heading off to Yad Vashem – the Israeli Holocaust museum.  Now I’ve been to the Holocaust museum in Washington before and spent a lot of time there, but nothing prepared me for the emotion and depth of tragedy I felt while I went through.  As it was the eve of Shabbat, it was only open until 14:00.  I was there from the minute it opened at 09:00 until 14:00 and I still hadn’t gone through it all when I had to leave.  I can only shake my head.  It wasn’t the pictures or the facts, so much as the stories that were told.  I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart.  Perhaps some people rush through, but my emotions were pretty raw by the time I left.  In one room, there was just a pile of shoes … a lot of old, leather shoes … and it wasn’t art.

The there was the airport incident.  I don’t have a lot of time to tell the full story, but as I’m arriving at Ben Gurion to pick up Coralie and Merri, I get an email from Harry saying that Coralie missed a connection and won’t be here until tomorrow at 05:25.  I feel bad for her – that can’t be fun.  So I wait for Merri.  I believe I recall her telling me that she’s flying through Milan, but I can’t be sure.  I wait and wait for half an hour for her to come out – but no Merri.  I really begin to second guess myself on the flight and kicking myself that I didn’t have the foresight to ask her for flight numbers.  After 45 minutes, I think I better call Andrew to see if she called him with a canceled flight or something.  Nope.  He confirms that she’s on the flight I thought she was.  (BTW – any emergencies and you can call me on my mobile number – I’ll answer.)  I don’t want him to worry so I tell him that she’s probably just not through yet.  I mean, with 400 people on the plane going through Immigration, who knows what happened?  After an hour or so, I go to Alitalia to check if she made her connection.  "I’m sorry sir.  For security and privacy reasons, we can’t divulge that information."  They can’t tell me anything.  Crazy.  What happened if she was lost, kidnapped, or fell out the window.  Anyway, after an hour and a half, I have them page her.  Nothing.  Now I don’t want to worry or anything, but there have been at least a dozen flights since hers came in, and there’s no way that it takes two hours to go through security and pick up bags.

Well … apparently it does if they think you’re a menace to society.  Does Merri look like a menace to society to you?  For almost two full hours they interrogated her on itinerary, schedule, plans, etc.  She told them that she didn’t have it, but that at any minute her sister would be coming through with all the information (not knowing that Coralie was delayed), but no bananas.  Eventually, they let her go.  For the full details, check on Merri’s site.  Oh wait, you can call her when she’s home.  Right now she’s sleeping.

I don’t get worried – and I was worried.  Thankfully all persons are present and accounted for – and should be sleeping.  Like me. Smile! 🙂


By , November 29, 2007 08:32

I have to say that landing at Ben Gurion today and then driving up towards Jerusalem, I felt almost homesick.  It was like I was driving home again.

Well if He won’t update … I shall …

By , November 28, 2007 09:43

Hi all,

For those who do not know me I am Danny’s wonderful and exciting sister-in-law, Lindsay.  I am married to Danny’s brother, Mark.  Heidi still has problems sleeping at night knowing she didn’t get the best Allan guy out there…that she had to settle for 2nd best was hard…no offence Shawn and Teddy…it is just that this is Danny’s webpage…I better keep him in the limelight. 

Now I have been after Danny to update his webpage since we all look at it a gazillion times a week to see what’s new and exciting in Danny and Heidi’s life.  But to no avail each week or day depending on how neurotic you are we would come away disappointed.  So I acted on behalf of you all to get the ball rollin’ again.  And in return the master of this site gave me access to scribble down a few thoughts. 

Since this is their webpage not mine I better update you on how they are doing…Danny travelled for work quite a bit in the early fall.  Not so much recently. He now says that Shawn has been travelling more than him.  They had turkey dinner in Ohio, Pittsburgh over the weekend, Israel and Nova Scotia today – you figure that one out.  They do lead very busy lives and all is forgiven for not updating…yeah right.

As for Mark and Lindsay in the west.  We are fine.  We are enjoying the nice balmy weather of -19 at the present moment with a good dump of snow to look out at.  Brynne and Sophia are starting skiing lessons through the Homeschool network of Edmonton in the new year.  They get 6 lessons, rentals, and lift tickets  all for 105 per person – that is cheap – well dirt cheap for skiing.   Zach is busy being cute and curious enduring his pricks and pokes so bravely, & Jordan is just a solid chunk of cuteness – we are so thankful.  Well I better stop there since this is beginning to sound like a bragging Christmas Card.  Love to you all.

Mark’s Lindsay



Happy Birthdays

By , November 27, 2007 13:32

I think we have some happy birthdays in order here – November 27th.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Mom and Jakey,
Happy Birthday to you!