Sunshine & Breezes

By , January 21, 2008 18:40

Punta CanaFrom several feet of snow and roads covered in ice … to sunshine and warmth in Punta Cana.  As Big Blue dictated that we needed to expend all our vacation days by the end of 2007, this was the last week (used a few weeks past deadline) that we were "forced" to take.  I have to say that it didn’t take much forcing to pack the swim and dive gear and hop on a plane for the short flight south.

This was our first foray into the world of "all inclusive" and I have to say that it was relaxing.  Sunshine … sand … pools … and delicious food.  While there really isn’t such a thing as sleeping in with two young terrorists in the next room, we did the best we could.

The one word of warning is about the milk and children.  No matter where you go – Israel, Caribbean, Canada – the milk doesn’t taste the same.  This doesn’t tend to be a problem for most of us.  But when we’re talking about little children to get used to the norm … 🙂

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