Deep Dive

By , August 4, 2008 13:41

Deep DiverThis summer has brought some really incredible diving.  Last week, I was able to explore a 102′ tugboat called the Baleen that sunk just outside Boston harbor after catching fire back in 1975.  While the wreck was largely intact, you could see evidence of the fire in and around the wheelhouse.  Sitting down at 170 FSW, I have to add this to one of the top 3 wrecks in New England.  Of course, hanging out on decompression for twice the length of the bottom time is a bit of a hassle, but the plant and ocean life are unbelievable.  To top off the dive, we had a whale breaching alongside the dive boat on the way back in … I would LOVE to actually dive with one of these.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show for it because my camera is only rated to 140′ and I didn’t bring it along.

Then of course, there are the interesting people you meet on the boat.  This time, I was heading out with one of the top executives from CSL Group (Canada Steamship Lines) who was born in Canada, but has lived all over the world and is now down in the Boston area.  CSL is actually owned by Paul Martin (21st Prime Minister of Canada) and this he had worked with Mr. Martin for more than 20 years.  Very fascinating …

Now it’s off to Las Vegas for a few days and then two weeks of vacation in Nova Scotia.  Yay!  Smile. 🙂

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  1. Mark's Lindsay says:

    Did I ever tell you that my mother went on a date with Paul Martin (the 21st Prime Minister of Canada)? She was 19 at the time working for his father. A neat bit of trivia, eh? See ya soon!

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