By , May 15, 2000 00:49

So you want to know more about who this guy is who calls himself danberall, or why he calls himself danberall in the first place. I can help you on that one. His name is Daniel Bertram Allan. So if you take the first three letters of each of those given names … danberall. It’s a name that he uses as a nickname on numerous computer servers. He decided to carry it across onto this web site and let you see if you can really discover more about this person.

The name was an accident. A slip of the tongue. When my eyes first opened on May 23 of 1976, I was named Daniel Bertram instead of Andrew Henry . . . the fifth of the Allan family. I’ll admit it. Bertram is a different name. As a child, I was endlessly teased about it until I refused to tell people what my middle name was. Now I’m proud of it. The name comes from my grandfather Allan who lived his life to serve his Saviour in heaven and who read and studied the Bible. I don’t believe that I could ever fit into his shoes but I now carry his name without shame. The name Daniel means “God is my Judge,” something I trust I will always remember.

I was born and grew up in a little town in Nova Scotia named Stellarton. Stellarton was, and still is, a coal mining town with a claim to fame being that it sits on one of the richest seams of coal in the entire world. The coal mining history and and the mine explosions that shaped my town were always a source of fascination and interest for me. I spent many hours blackening my hands on the coal from the coal pits and riding the trails behind the railway yards on my dirt bike. However, even more importantly, Stellarton also has the distinction of lying only miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up in Nova Scotia meant that not only am I a Canadian, but I am, and always will be, a genuine Blue Noser with a definite affinity for the East Coast and that salty smell of home.

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