By , June 25, 2000 10:10

Who am I? Well, I sometimes claim that I am adopted and joke about it with my family, but they never seem to tell me otherwise … Regardless, I was born on September 23, 1982 and given the name Heidi Marie. I share my middle name with my mother and grandmother on the Roach side of the family. I am the middle child of three and grew up in Woodbridge, New Jersey. This is where I first learned how to play soccer and tennis, the only two sports that I am coordinated enough to play.

When I was in eighth grade, my family picked up and moved to Maine. It was a totally different experience having to make new friends, learn my way around the state, and catch on to the “wicked hahd” language of the natives. Despite the fact that I still love New Jersey, Maine was the state in which I learned how to drive, got my license, graduated from high school with the coolest people, and had my first “real” job. However, my life didn’t start to get exciting until I met a certain young man from Ottawa…

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