On the Road

By , December 18, 2000 00:00

I’m now gone from Ottawa from now until January 3 and I don’t know how often this will be updated in the interim. I can only do my best and even then, you might not find that good enough. Right now, I’m currently enjoying the snow and cold of Kansas City in the winter time. The last time I remember being here, was with my family in 1986. I still have a red and white pendant from that trip of Kansas City, which, ironically enough, is in Missouri. Anyway, this is just a stop on the way out to Los Angeles conference where I hope to be this weekend, followed by sometime spent at Pittsburgh camp. I trust that this holiday season will be better than egg nog, peppermint ice cream, and woodfires … but that’s another story. Hopefully too, I can catch up on the sleep which has slowly been disappearing. I worry sometime that I will become a chronic insomniac, but I’m know this is for a reason and is the hand of my Father, and His way is best. How awesome to know the true meaning of the love, and not just the few weeks of materialism that this world enjoys. Smile.

Wanna Carve

By , December 12, 2000 00:00

I happen to know for a fact that at this very moment in Ottawa, we’re getting a blinding blizzard with one foot of snow on the ground, and no end in sight. And here I am, in Austin TX, where the greatest thought on everyone’s mind is what Governor Bush is having for breakfast. I am simply ecstatic at the thought of finally, after a broken leg and wrist, clicking back into the ol’ Santa Cruz and riding this Saturday. I wanna ride!! 🙂 Oh yeah, the monotonouse details: this past weekend I was up in Toronto and made it out to the CN tower for some prime rib and a wonderful time with my sister and brother-in-law. At this rate, I’m gonna gain enough weight that I won’t be able to make it in the elevator for next year. 🙂 Anyway, it was great to make it up there even if the flight was delayed on the way back and sleep is just one of those rare commodities. It was still tonnes of fun. And that’s life … Wait, one minute … a thought on Christmas … the birth of my Saviour was a most wonderful time and certainly an event for rejoicing. But how much more wonderful that He gave his life for me, because He loved me. (Gal 2:20) Certainly this is a reason to be joyous and happy, not just now, but year round.

Changes Coming

By , December 4, 2000 00:00

So it looks like I haven’t really changed anything, right? Wrong. If you could see the backend of this new system, you would know that it has entirely changed. However, for the next week or so I don’t plan to make any radical changes that are’visible’. Perhaps by Christmas, you will know what I mean when I say that I’ve done a lot of work on this in the past little while (just not with the design). I would appreciate knowing however, if you come across any broken links or anything I should know about so that I can fix it immediately. Other than that, nothing new to tell you today.


By , November 6, 2000 00:00

I believe that the most incredibly powerful and awesome sound which I have ever heard here on this earth, has been the thunder of the ocean smashing itself against the shore. And I also think that the most peaceful and softest sound I’ve ever heard has been the quiet lapping of the ocean waves beside me. How can one reconcile these things? How is it that such contrary positions can stem from one object? And yet it was on the calm and peaceful night when the ocean was like a “millpond” that the Titanic struck an iceberg and 1500 souls passed into eternity. The ocean is more than intriguing, n’est-ce pas?

Has anyone noticed that the pictures have meaning?

Black Point

By , October 23, 2000 00:00

Somedays I get discouraged with updating this site on a weekly basis. It’s like I feel I should write something of consequence and meaningful, but sometimes I really don’t want to do that. So instead I write something that isn’t the real me and I ask myself whether there’s a purpose or not in updating the page. Does that make sense? Regardless, last week I was down in both Florida and Texas. One would think that the weather in both these states would be a lot nicer than it is here in Ottawa, but it wasn’t all that much warmer. Granted, it was a beautiful week here in Ottawa, but still … I did get to swim in the Atlantic Ocean though at midnight beneath the stars. Mmmmm … to be home again. To be able to cruise down to the Murb or the Point every night and just lie underneath the stars and smell the ocean. There’s this rock on the end of Black Point, where I could sit and cry … or sit and laugh … just sit and think. Nova Scotia will always be home.