On the Road

I’m now gone from Ottawa from now until January 3 and I don’t know how often this will be updated in the interim. I can only do my best and even then, you might not find that good enough. Right now, I’m currently enjoying the snow and cold of Kansas City in the winter time. The last time I remember being here, was with my family in 1986. I still have a red and white pendant from that trip of Kansas City, which, ironically enough, is in Missouri. Anyway, this is just a stop on the way out to Los Angeles conference where I hope to be this weekend, followed by sometime spent at Pittsburgh camp. I trust that this holiday season will be better than egg nog, peppermint ice cream, and woodfires … but that’s another story. Hopefully too, I can catch up on the sleep which has slowly been disappearing. I worry sometime that I will become a chronic insomniac, but I’m know this is for a reason and is the hand of my Father, and His way is best. How awesome to know the true meaning of the love, and not just the few weeks of materialism that this world enjoys. Smile.