A New Millenium

Did a little time go by there since I last updated this? Hmmm … not good. I’m sure it was the last millenium since I’ve added anything here of consequence. And so much has happened. From Kansas City, I flew to Los Angeles where I met a million people I have not seen in forever at the Burbank Bible conference. That was a lot of fun. Anyway, from there I flew to Pittsburgh for camp, having lots of fun apart from dislocating my shoulder six times and the 42 hours prior to camp. From Pittsburgh, I was off to Manhatten for New Year’s eve and day, and then finally back up to Ottawa for work on Tuesday where I’ve been trying to recover for the last week. I’m sure this past weekend ski trip to Jay Peak didn’t help things much and the cough and cold I’ve had now for two weeks, is as vicious as ever despite the 14 hours sleep I had last night. However, my smile is still fixed and I plan DV to sleep and Vitamin C this cold into oblivion in this coming week. (I need to be in somewhat better shape for Sugarloaf this coming weekend.) 🙂 Happy New Year to all. Perhaps this year. Perhaps this month. Perhaps today.