Slow Load

You want to know something? I really am getting to the point where I almost think it’s a better deal to not have this website rather then host it at this site. I’ve registered my own domain a while back and really think that it’s about time when I started paying money and had it hosted there. It’s just that I fight against paying for something that I view as open access – the web. Regardless, you can be sure that if I was happy with this site, I wouldn’t be saying all this. You must understand where I’m coming from though with the time it took to load this URL. So what’s new? Nothing. Not really. I was down in Virgina and Washington, DC lsat week where it was warm and gorgeous, and now I’m back to Ottawa where it’s equally gorgeous (albeit cold) with one foot of fresh in the last 24 hours. This coming weekend is the YP outing here and that should be lots of fun. I’m looking forward to this. Smile all!

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