By , October 16, 2000 00:00

Should I or shouldn’t I? I think not.

I guess I missed a week there. Oops. That was because last weekend I was down at a wedding in Washington, DC and was not back into Ottawa until late Monday night. On the way back, it was the first snow I’ve seen of the year. In fact, there were several times where it was nearly a complete white-out crossing through some of the hills. It really is great to see the snow back again. So with snow on the mind, why am I thinking of swimming? Well mostly because tonight I hope to be swimming in the most wonderful Atlantic ocean with the moon casting it’s silvery reflection between myself and it’s quiet secret in the heavens. I’m flying out tonight for Palm Beach and I’ll be staying right on the ocean. Mmmmmm … to sleep to the sound of the waves. Memories …

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