Black Point

Somedays I get discouraged with updating this site on a weekly basis. It’s like I feel I should write something of consequence and meaningful, but sometimes I really don’t want to do that. So instead I write something that isn’t the real me and I ask myself whether there’s a purpose or not in updating the page. Does that make sense? Regardless, last week I was down in both Florida and Texas. One would think that the weather in both these states would be a lot nicer than it is here in Ottawa, but it wasn’t all that much warmer. Granted, it was a beautiful week here in Ottawa, but still … I did get to swim in the Atlantic Ocean though at midnight beneath the stars. Mmmmm … to be home again. To be able to cruise down to the Murb or the Point every night and just lie underneath the stars and smell the ocean. There’s this rock on the end of Black Point, where I could sit and cry … or sit and laugh … just sit and think. Nova Scotia will always be home.

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