Purple Stains

By , October 3, 2005 00:00

This week I made grapejuice. While this may not seem like very big news to many of you, it was less simple than you might think. First I had to pick about a bushel of Concord grapes from the vines in our back yard. (I’ve been steadily cutting them back as they’re killing our birch trees.) Next I had to mash them with a potato masher in several pots – splashing very stainable purple grape juice on everything in site including my shoes, jeans and counter top. This was following by bringing the mash to a boil and simmering for half an hour and then straining the mixture through several layers of cheese cloth into more pots and letting strain overnight. (You really had to see our kitchen to believe the number of pots involved in the operation.) Finally, the resulting juice was put into bottles and placed in the fridge to chill …. Mmmm … Heidi isn’t one for grape juice so I got to stain my mouth, teeth and tongue purple for the last week. It truly was better than Welch’s grape juice. It’s not that I believe money was saved in the process (in fact, counting the costs of stains and messes …), but the process was most delightful. It remains to be seen whether I go for a second round or not but there is plenty of grapes left for anyone else wanting to try.

Little “slap-slap” has been constantly growing. From crawling, to standing on his own, to cruising, to walking with his walker, he continues to leave a path of mess and destruction in his wake. Going up the stairs? No problems there. It’s not the typical knee, knee, foot, foot on each step. It’s 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 … Take off. It’s knee, foot, to the next step. He’s also learned that the great outdoors holds so much dirt and fun, that he spends his days standing at the front door hoping for escape.

Oh yes, Jake has his own design for this site. You can check it out under the “Home” menu link. Purple smiles.

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