Lindsay tells me that it has been too many Mondays and Heidi tells me the same thing. I have this feeling they’re trying to say something, but I don’t always get the full understanding of their statements.

On the Jake front, little “Slap-Slap” is zooming along quite well. In one day, he clapped his hands, climbed the stairs and got his first tooth (of a current two). Full of energy, he rarely sits still for longer than a tenth of a second – causing destruction and mayhem in his wake …

On the travel front, we really have not been doing much. Heidi was home to Nova Scotia with Jake for a week, while I have not travelled for work in almost two months. In fact, I’m sure we’ve travelled less this summer than any other. Its not that our time has been quiet, but more just visitors coming through and lots of short day trips to the coast where Jake has learned that he loves the beach.

I also got to do some diving which has been a lot of fun. Last week I was able to dive the Chester Poling in 100′ of water – a phenomenal tanker wreck off Cape Ann with lots of fish and life. “These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.” (Psalms 107:24) Smile!