Off to the Races

Zoom. Zoom. Look out folks, the Jakester is coming through! Yes, he is finally crawling. It took him about a week to master but he’s all over the house now, following you into every room or chasing after anything he can get his little hands on. Unfortunately with the hundreds of new things to explore, Jake believes that sleep is a waste of time. Thus his parents are suffering somewhat from mental retardation. NO! I meant sleep deprivation.

Danny’s travel has slowed down but the work pace has not. From special projects to papers to security research Danny never seems to stop. The lights burn long into the night while he sits at the kitchen table and clicks away.

Interestingly enough, to celebrate living here for one whole year, we decided to lock ourselves out of the house. Actually, there was no “we” involved. It was all me. I won’t tell you how it happened but I will tell you that we were left to hang out in our backyard for 5 1/2 hours while waiting for the return of our neighbors to retrieve the key. Danny was probably the most content of the three of us because of a little thing called “wireless access”. It was not the most ideal way to spend a day together but with Jake crawling and the Lord blessing us with a beautiful home for a year, it is reason to Smile 🙂