Happy Birthday Jake

By , December 3, 2006 00:00

Hey y’all. Remember us? We’re the people that never update our website. We could offer up a bunch of excuses but you’ve probably heard them all before, so why bother.

You’ll see from the pictures that we have a three month old who is growing like crazy. For those of you who love the chubby cheeks and fat thighs, I have the baby for you! Isaac smiles all day long, laughed (real, belly-enforced laughter) for the first time while in Pennant, and is busting out of his 6 month-sized clothing!

Jake celebrated his second birthday this last week. In case you can’t tell, that’s an airplane cake. Lindsay, from now on, I’m hiring you for any and all birthday cakes!! I don’t know how you do it! Anyway, he had lots of fun opening his presents and hasn’t played with anything else all week but those new ones. So thank you to both sets of grandparents for your gifts. His vocabulary is expanding at such a rapid rate that pretty soon you’ll probably be hearing me say “Will he ever stop??”.

We had a really good trip up to Nova Scotia. The weather was so mild you wouldn’t believe it was the middle of November. Danny took off in the middle of it for Singapore, was back in time for a midnight hockey game, and the rest of us just put our feet up and enjoyed the sound of the waves breaking on shore. 🙂

Shiloah Pics

By , October 15, 2006 00:00

Updated with pictures from the family get-together at Shiloah as well as a few (very few) pictures from Josh & Julie’s wedding. 🙂

Random Notes

By , September 25, 2006 00:00

Sorry for that little pause in photos and updates. If you were looking for the Allans from NH, we could be found up in Ottawa visiting with family, or keeping busy at home, frantically chasing after one active little toddler and walking and rocking the smaller of the two.

Jake actually came down with a vicious fever this week (almost 104) and spent the night throwing up in Daddy’s and Mommy’s bed. However, as quickly and violently as it came, it’s gone. He’s back to the sunshine and smiles that you can see in his updated pictures.

You know what I forgot to tell you? I love mowing the lawn. I really do. It’s a joy and pleasure now to be out walking up and down our lawn ever since I got a new Honda mower. I include this last little tidbit of information so that you know we will NOT be heading to Resolute Bay anytime soon. Smile. 🙂

More Pictures

By , August 23, 2006 00:00

More pictures today …

I apologize for the short post last night, but I was dead tired after the long day. I say long, but compared with Jake, little Isaac was wonderful. Truly our Father has been good. If you remember, I posted last time about my thoughts changing around asking how the baby was doing, to how the mother was doing. Heidi is doing well. Little Isaac is doing well. I still don’t understand the strength that the Lord gives, but I am thankful that He does. Many smiles here in Hudson. 🙂

Isaac Stanley

By , August 22, 2006 00:00

Isaac Stanley
August 22, 2006
8 lbs 11 oz