Random Notes

Sorry for that little pause in photos and updates. If you were looking for the Allans from NH, we could be found up in Ottawa visiting with family, or keeping busy at home, frantically chasing after one active little toddler and walking and rocking the smaller of the two.

Jake actually came down with a vicious fever this week (almost 104) and spent the night throwing up in Daddy’s and Mommy’s bed. However, as quickly and violently as it came, it’s gone. He’s back to the sunshine and smiles that you can see in his updated pictures.

You know what I forgot to tell you? I love mowing the lawn. I really do. It’s a joy and pleasure now to be out walking up and down our lawn ever since I got a new Honda mower. I include this last little tidbit of information so that you know we will NOT be heading to Resolute Bay anytime soon. Smile. 🙂