The Hudson News

By , December 16, 2009 09:21

AngelicWell first of all, the big news around here is that our little Ellie Belle has decided to go mobile.  It just happens to be the forearm crawl, but it means that pennies and poisons need to be kept up off the floor.  I guess it also means that a little more vigilance is in order around stairs and small objects.  With the newfound mobility comes exploration and the unwillingness to be picked up for even a second.  It also results in Thing 2 yelling, “Ellie!!  NO!!!”

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Thing #1 has turned five years old.   Birthdays are a big thing around here and T1 not only loves the planning and excitement, but he wants to call everyone and sing them Happy Birthday as well.  Happy Birthday Jakey!

Jake’s birthday and Thanksgiving means two more things – winter and SNOW!  We’ve had our first two storms now and the boys have found the absolute magic once more of sliding on tubes and playing in the snow.  The first snowman has yet to be built, but you can be rest assured that there are many prayers for “sticky snow”.  For now, the green grass has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Lastly, the Hudson News reports that there is great dilemma in the Allan household.  While there was much planning and hoping to finish the basement for guest quarters, the contractor quotes brought a little sticker shock.  The question for you all is this: should they outsource the work and contribute to local Hudson employment, or should half-pipes be replaced by basements and the project be tackled by Danny.  Comments are very welcome!! 🙂

Fall Fun

By , November 21, 2009 11:29

SillyWhat a busy autumn it’s been! From having loads of visitors already to taking several mini-vacations we’ve been keeping ourselves immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our house is finally turning into a home and our kids are finally perfect…wait…

Isaac enjoyed his third birthday, the last of the birthdays to occur at our first home, and seeing Zoomba, Liam’s hamster run around in its cage and taking several rides on the four wheeler with Keltie. Jake has been counting down the days until his fifth (!) birthday and talking our ears off as always. He had the greatest of times at Aunt Coralie’s farm, playing in the hay mill, jumping on the trampoline, and gathering rubbish and sticks for the bonfire. Ellie’s cheeks are plumping up, a tooth is showing, and she shrieks with delight whenever her beloved brothers come near. As for the grown-ups in the house? Danny still enjoys suba diving whenever his wife will spare him, hardly travels for work these days, and is generally the best man ever. Me? I’m just enjoying my new house and watching my children grow up (way too quickly) before my eyes.

Nothing too exciting, but we are incredibly thankful for the “blessings of heaven above”. Smile 🙂

We’ve Moved

By , September 2, 2009 17:17

IMG_4630.JPGIn July, we had one house. In August we had two … and today, we’re back to one again. While I wouldn’t wish a move on anyone, it does force you to go through everything you own and determine what you want to keep and what you don’t. The first 90% of your things are nicely boxed up and labeled appropriately, and the last 10% are simply thrown in the closest available box and sent on their merry way. Fun fun fun! For those of you who look for us on Thurstons Dr, you won’t find us there anymore. We’ve moved … 🙂

Sunshine at Last

By , July 6, 2009 20:38

On His OwnSo the sunshine has finally broken here in Hudson after 26 straight days of rain.  Obviously, this requires us to be outside for all waking hours as we renew our levels of Vitamin D.  I know that there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and the next day, but I can live with that as long as there is sunshine too.

Saturday found us down in Wakefield, MA where we were able to relax for the 8th largest Fourth of July parade in the United States.  My only complaint?  While there were lots of marching bands, clowns and fire engines, it was completely lacking in bagpipes.  There was not one bagpipe in the entire 2 hour parade.  It just wasn’t a real parade in my books … Apparently, they replace bagpipe bands with American muscle cars.  Oh yes, I have a second complaint – candy.  No one was throwing out candy.  Give me a parade on Foord street anytime.  Regardless, the boys had lots of fun and Jake happily blew his one note trumpet with all the bands as they went by. Smile! 🙂

A Month of Rain

By , June 28, 2009 16:44

Picnic BreakConsidering that it has been raining for a month straight here in Hudson, I decided that I would spend some time redesigning the site.  It seems like I go through this every two years or so.  In fact, if you go back to the very first post I still have from 2000, you will see that I was … doing a redesign.  Speaking of going back to 2000, you should note that I was blogging long before this.  I just happened to edit the front page each week, and didn’t keep my past content.  (It would have been static HTML pages.) I’ve thought about asking Carleton if they have a data backup of my first site in 1996, but I doubt they still would after 13 years.

As redesigns go, this one was pretty simple.  I decided to go the easy route and only slightly customized a nice simple WordPress PHP application.  This marks the first shift for me away from ASP and Microsoft technologies.

Enough about that.  Does anyone really care?

So it’s been raining here in Hudson for a month straight and everyone is going a little crazy.  Even Ellie, who was doing so well after our trip to the Outer Banks, has reverted to her less cheerful ways.  The last few nights have been pretty rough on both Heidi and I – probably more so on Heidi.  Can someone please send us some sunshine?  It will cause us to smile.  🙂