Fall Fun

SillyWhat a busy autumn it’s been! From having loads of visitors already to taking several mini-vacations we’ve been keeping ourselves immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our house is finally turning into a home and our kids are finally perfect…wait…

Isaac enjoyed his third birthday, the last of the birthdays to occur at our first home, and seeing Zoomba, Liam’s hamster run around in its cage and taking several rides on the four wheeler with Keltie. Jake has been counting down the days until his fifth (!) birthday and talking our ears off as always. He had the greatest of times at Aunt Coralie’s farm, playing in the hay mill, jumping on the trampoline, and gathering rubbish and sticks for the bonfire. Ellie’s cheeks are plumping up, a tooth is showing, and she shrieks with delight whenever her beloved brothers come near. As for the grown-ups in the house? Danny still enjoys suba diving whenever his wife will spare him, hardly travels for work these days, and is generally the best man ever. Me? I’m just enjoying my new house and watching my children grow up (way too quickly) before my eyes.

Nothing too exciting, but we are incredibly thankful for the “blessings of heaven above”. Smile 🙂

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