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By , December 16, 2009 09:21

AngelicWell first of all, the big news around here is that our little Ellie Belle has decided to go mobile.  It just happens to be the forearm crawl, but it means that pennies and poisons need to be kept up off the floor.  I guess it also means that a little more vigilance is in order around stairs and small objects.  With the newfound mobility comes exploration and the unwillingness to be picked up for even a second.  It also results in Thing 2 yelling, “Ellie!!  NO!!!”

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Thing #1 has turned five years old.   Birthdays are a big thing around here and T1 not only loves the planning and excitement, but he wants to call everyone and sing them Happy Birthday as well.  Happy Birthday Jakey!

Jake’s birthday and Thanksgiving means two more things – winter and SNOW!  We’ve had our first two storms now and the boys have found the absolute magic once more of sliding on tubes and playing in the snow.  The first snowman has yet to be built, but you can be rest assured that there are many prayers for “sticky snow”.  For now, the green grass has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Lastly, the Hudson News reports that there is great dilemma in the Allan household.  While there was much planning and hoping to finish the basement for guest quarters, the contractor quotes brought a little sticker shock.  The question for you all is this: should they outsource the work and contribute to local Hudson employment, or should half-pipes be replaced by basements and the project be tackled by Danny.  Comments are very welcome!! 🙂

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  1. SUSAN says:

    ELLIE IS ADORABLE AND HAS GROWN SOOOO MUCH! Look at those Cheeks!!! What a love bug! Hope we can get together soon you guys….Zaira loved the voice message from Isaac….she wanted to call him immediately but it was dinner time…so tell him she will be calling tonight or tomorrow…..K?!?!

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