Millions Dissatisfied

So my sister only just pointed out to me that the guestbook was not working. Seeing as the last entry was in May, this means that there are potentially millions of people who went to sleep disappointed at night because they were not able to sign the guestbook. This is now a very cordial invitation (yeah, command) to sign the guestbook immediately. Heidi is always complaining that no one signs it.

This update is being written from a very familiar sofa at 130 MacKay street where Heidi, Jake and I have been spending the last week. The clock just struck midnight, Christmas Eve, but we have yet to hear reindeer on the roof. Instead, the room is filled with the lively and very wonderful sounds of family and home.

The last week has been filled with … sitting. According to Heidi, this is all that ever happens when I’m back home in Stellarton. Is that true? Of course not. I go to the “New” mall, Andre’s Pizza and we were down in Bridgewater yesterday. All very wonderful things in a wonderful place with the salty smell of home in the air. Did we ever need it! Smile all.