Dropped some more pictures in the top three categories on the left … I know it’s been some time since we’ve seen an update, but I’ve only just recently got my camera back and am able to keep things a little more up-to-date.

The last few weeks have found us treading water. It’s been raining non-stop for three weeks straight – beginning with the Katahdin trip (see new pictures). I’m pretty sure that we were the only ones to summit this year with torrential rain, slippery rocks, and blinding fog. To say it was crazy is probably an understatement. Every year, my legs tell me for the following week that I’m foolish, in poor condition, and am better suited to sitting at my computer desk. I’m sure I’ll ignore them again next year.

Storms and rain have kept us from enjoying too much of the outdoors (and alas, Saturday morning diving), but the forecast is saying sunshine for Wednesday. Is it too much to keep one’s fingers crossed? While I like the hockey (four goals and three assists this week – woo hoo) and swimming in the pool, I spend endless hours scouring Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire and Expedia for cruises, beaches and sunshine. I’m sure the rain and drizzle is a contributing factor.

Jake remains a ray of sunshine – most of the time. He’s standing alone now and is only beginning now to take his first unassisted steps. I wouldn’t call it walking yet, but this time next week there may be another reason to smile. 🙂

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