And step-step becomes pitter-pat. Crawling has become very “last-month” for Jake and he refuses to use his knees unless it’s crawling up and down the stairs. While one would think that this is all smiles and grins, the teeth coming in on top make for a less-than-happy little boy at the moment.

We’re obviously back from Florida now, where we were able to spend a week of sunshine and non-work – albeit with a less than happy Jake who was fighting a cold all week. It was absolutely wonderful to have Kristi along who could babysit for us two nights while Heidi and I were able to escape for some time “out”. For those of you planning to visit Orlando, I can not recommend the Holy Land highly enough as it was the neatest part of our trip. It is a recreation of Jerusalem at the time of Christ with exhibits and shows on everything from the feasts of Jehovah to the Temple in Jerusalem. It cost $30/person but is certainly worth the money.

The trip didn’t actually go entirely as planned as I expected we would make it to the Atlantic or to the Gulf coast at least one or two of the days. As it turned out, we spent most of out time in Orlando, making outings to both SeaWorld and the Holy Land. (I did make it down to West Palm Beach for some diving one of the days as well.)

From sunny 85 degree weather everyday, to this past weekend when I was out on my bike in bright sunshine with a friend sounds like it’s not a big step. It’s not. Not until you figure that the sign read 28 degrees when I left the house. That’s five degrees below freezing. Let me assure you that riding for two hours when the temperature is below the freezing mark is moderately chilly. On the plus side, the roads were clear of leaves. It wasn’t the leaves you needed to be concerned about – it was the ice. The ponds on the side of the road were all frozen over and we passed maybe half a dozen patches of ice actually on the road – only one that stretched from side to side. (Me thinkest it is time to retire the bike for the season.) On the upside, the person I was with knew all the roads in the area and it turns out that there are some absolutely beautiful riding roads in the area. I guess it’s in taking the time to learn them. While I’m retiring my bike, he rides the year round. 🙂

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