Summer Stuff

So people are probably expecting an update …

Heidi got back from Nova Scotia and I uploaded the pictures from their trip. It looks like it was pretty relaxing with the fun in Pennant to the gorgeous sunny days at the Murb. [sigh] I should have made it there myself.

Around Hudson, we’ve been mostly relaxing and doing “summer” things. As you might imagine, the AC has been going full tilt and we’ve been spending our time doing everything from picking blueberries (with neighbors), to visiting the beach, to riding the bike and diving. I took a very wonderful trip up into Vermont last week on the bike, exploring the twisties up there. The person I was with was headed to the Blue Ridge and it made me very nostalgic for the several trips we took down there.

Speaking of the bike, I should probably put some new pictures up. I’ve done some pretty serious modifications: new Clear Alternatives turn signals, shimming up the back end frame by 5 mm (lifted the back end by almost 2 inches), installing a new undertail (ripping out the old structure) and wiring harness and putting in LED lights. Last thing to go is the new high mount Hindle pipes which are supposed to get here next week … Performance? Greatly improved.

Stay tuned for more updates. Smiles! 🙂

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