GPS or Brain Power?

Lake PlacidThis was the second time it happened.

On the way back from North Carolina, I simply set the GPS in van and told it to take me home.  I didn’t even bother to take the map along.  It wasn’t until we were in Delaware at the Cape May ferry, that I realized it had taken me, not on roads, but to the Delaware – New Jersey ferry.  Crazy!  In fact, it was a 45 minute wait until the ferry got there and then it was going to take $50 and an hour to cross.  It was faster to turn around and drive around through Philadelphia.

So this time I set the GPS on my BlackBerry and headed for Lake Placid.  You know where I ended up?  At the Vermont – New York State ferry.  You would think that you need to opt in to such craziness and that you would explicitly say that you were wanting to take a ferry.  But NO.  Anyway, a simple and fun $4 and 10 minute ferry ride broke up the 5 hour trip to Lake Placid.

The roads?  Not quite the 299 in California or the Blue Ridge, but a great trip anyway.  I forgot what a 10 hour bike day can feel like … not to mention the mornings starting out a few degrees below freezing.  A great reason to smile and a birthday gift from my wonderful wife.  🙂

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