Elizabeth Marie

EllieLittle Ellie joined Mommy, Daddy, Jakey and Isaac on 3/4/09 at 8:21pm.  Beating both her brothers for weight and quick delivery time, she came out wide-eyed and happy.

Both Mommy and little baby are both doing well …

While Jake and Isaac were thrilled to have a little sister, we were told emphatically that it was not a surprise because they knew it was a girl.  They already had a brother.  Why would they need another one!!  🙂  This morning was a continuous chorus of, "Can I hold her?  Can I hold her?"

Now … anyone know how to protect a little girl from two older terrorist brothers?  Suggestions?  Merri?

One thought on “Elizabeth Marie

  1. Merri

    haha…if i had a dime for every time I said “stanley be gentle”….I’d be a rich woman…

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a girl is the best…What fabulous news!

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