A Month of Rain

Picnic BreakConsidering that it has been raining for a month straight here in Hudson, I decided that I would spend some time redesigning the site.  It seems like I go through this every two years or so.  In fact, if you go back to the very first post I still have from 2000, you will see that I was … doing a redesign.  Speaking of going back to 2000, you should note that I was blogging long before this.  I just happened to edit the front page each week, and didn’t keep my past content.  (It would have been static HTML pages.) I’ve thought about asking Carleton if they have a data backup of my first site in 1996, but I doubt they still would after 13 years.

As redesigns go, this one was pretty simple.  I decided to go the easy route and only slightly customized a nice simple WordPress PHP application.  This marks the first shift for me away from ASP and Microsoft technologies.

Enough about that.  Does anyone really care?

So it’s been raining here in Hudson for a month straight and everyone is going a little crazy.  Even Ellie, who was doing so well after our trip to the Outer Banks, has reverted to her less cheerful ways.  The last few nights have been pretty rough on both Heidi and I – probably more so on Heidi.  Can someone please send us some sunshine?  It will cause us to smile.  🙂

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