The End of an Era?

By , November 25, 2008 11:02

BarcelonaA momentous event has occurred.  For the very first time in more than four years, I have zero trips scheduled for the future.  Zero.  Nada!  Following the one week over in Barcelona and then a quick one day trip down and back to Washington, the airlines will be making no money off me in the next few months.

Of course while this sounds good, it’s also on the back of one of the craziest travel years to date.  Thankfully, the new position they have carved out for me in the new year doesn’t seem to require so much travel.  My internal PBC goals this past year incorporated a lot of evangelism and internal enablement throughout IBM, while next year they are much more focused on the actual technical platform and strategy.  That means that there will be far less conferences and clients.  The final tally this year was 37 presentations at 27 different conferences …

People have been asking if I’ll still be around Blue for a while.  Who knows?  I’m leaving it with the Lord for now and I guess I’ll take things one step at a time.  It’s certainly been an interesting flight and I’ve learned a lot about how large companies operate.  Now that the flight has landed, we’ll see how the ground crew operates.  Smile.  🙂

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